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Techniques Volume 3 Hiphop Mixtape CD
DJ Emir Techniques Volume 3 develops the new format and style for the rest of the Mixtape series to follow. With Volume three comes a focused storyline tying the CD together in movie style fashion. Of course the Banging Hiphop remixes are even hotter than ever as the CD explodes from beginning to end with banging Hiphop tracks to move the dance floor or make the Car next to you want to jack you for your mixtape! These are the Mix-CDs to bump in your ride when driving up to the Honeys or to make your homies envious.
Techniques Volume 3-Death Of White Lotus Mix-CD Track Listing:
1 DJ Emir mixtape Intro-
2 Tupac- Runnin
3 Baby Bash- Suga Suga DJ Emir Remix
4 Erykah Badu- Love of My Life DJ Emir Remix
5 Timbaland&Magoo- Indian Flute
6 Obie Trice- The Set Up
7 G-Unit-Stunt 101 Orig & DJ Emir Remix
8 Redman & MethodMan -How High DJ Emir Remix
9 Beenie Man- Dude (Reggae)
10 Sean Paul Like Glue (Reggae)
11 Vinitta-Sex with You(Reggae)
12 Sean Paul-Infiltrate(Reggae)
13 Beyonce- Baby Boy DJ Emir Remix
14 Ashanti- Foolish Reggae rmx
15 Don Yute/YingYang-Row-DaBoat
16 Outkast- Last Call Remix
17 General Degree- Limited Edition remix
18 Too Short- Shake Dat Monkey
19 Bounty Killa-SmokeDeHerb DJ Emir Rmx
20 YingYangTwinz-Saltshaker Rmx
21 Ricachee- CooCooChee
22 TLC/Lil Jon-Come Get Some DJ-Emir Freeks sayYeah Remix!
23 Joe Buddens- Body's Hot
24 Jay-Z Encore Remix (hot)
25 Ying Yang Twinz-Naggin DJ Emir Remix

26 Black Eyed Peas- Hey Mamma
27 Lil Flip- Game Over
28 Jayz-Brush Your Shoulders Off
29 LL Cool J- The Truth DJ Emir Remix
30 Camp LO- This Is It DJ Emir Remix
31 Dead Prezidents- W2
plus 8 bonus tracks