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Techniques Volume 2 Mixtape CD
With the unbridaled success of Techniques Volume 1 - The second Mixtape in the Techniques Hiphop series  becomes an instant favorite amongst hiphop mixtape enthusiests across the globe. Several Exclusive Remix tracks are included for your enjoyment on this CD Including a Down South Hiphop remix of Aretha Franklin. This CD is a guaranteed Heater from start to finish. Get your copy before your friend does!
Techniques Volume 2- 80 min Mixed CD with 31 hip hop tracks Including:
Alfamega/D. Banner- Muthafoya
Native/D Banner- Put It Down
Aretha- Wonderful Remix
Memphis Bleek- We Ballin
Raekwon-The Hood
Cassidy/R Kelly-Hotel
Erykah Badu Danger
Skillz- Off the Wall
Band-Living Legends
Young Bloodz- Damn! remix
Outkast- Last Call
Ceelo- I'll be around
Loon- This Ain't Funny
Lil Bow Wow-Get It Poppin
LB and SnoopDogg-Red Lt Gr lt
XSO Drive- Can I Get It Back
Boo & Gotti-Chi Town
112-Na Na Na Remix
Ol Dirty-Welcome Home
Joe/Jadakiss-I Want a Girl
Pharell n Jay-Z- Frontin'
Ludacris-Stand Up
Lil Jon- Get Low
Wyclef Party to Damascus
Bubba Sparxxx- Deliverance
Nas- Dance
Anthony Hamilton- Mama Knew Love
Aaliyah- Don't Know What To Tell ya
and more...